Individual Consultations

" Dr. Wofford was there for me and my family when we were really struggling. We were struggling with a diagnosis of failure to thrive and I really wanted to continue nursing. She helped us get to the root problem, offered different ways to proceed while continuing to assure us that whatever we decided was what was best. I loved having direct access to Dr. Wofford and the personal relationship that formed. She really listened. My path didn't go the way I had envisioned,but with her help my baby reached his 1st birthday at 97% weight and was able to receive breastmilk exclusively for his first year. "

- Janice

Initial Consults

90-120 minutes


Follow-up Consults

45-60 minutes


Offering one-time consultations for common problems during the fourth trimester. Appointments will be in the comfort of your home, or virtually for some follow-up appointments. Each consultation includes 7 days of virtual support.

If you are enrolled in the fourth trimester package, these services are already included.

Medical reasons for a consult include:


  • Establish goals for birth and breastfeeding in the first few days
  • Address underlying medical conditions and other health concerns as it relates to birth and the postpartum period
  • This visit is most useful during the last few weeks in pregnancy


  • Preventive consult to make sure feeding is going well
  • Difficulties with breastfeeding such as low supply, overactive letdown, slow infant weight gain
  • Acute care for mastitis, engorgement, nipple pain, and more
  • Planning for return to work
  • Induced lactation for adoptive and non-gestational parents


  • Mood symptoms
  • Nutrition & self-care
  • Medication safety / interactions during lactation
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