This comprehensive package is the signature resource for your fourth trimester. It includes our Breastfeeding Foundations course, a prenatal consult, and comprehensive medical care for you and your baby until your baby is 3 months old. Whether your style is to study ahead or to learn as you go, nothing fully prepares you for the transition of adding a new baby to your family. As a family physician trained in the care of women and infants, who also specializes in breastfeeding medicine, Dr. Wofford is ideally equipped to help you get the best start to this precious phase of life.
[ + ] What is the Fourth Trimester?



When a baby is born at the end of the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby requires a LOT of help to survive! Compared to other species, human babies are born really early. They need nearly constant care and supervision for the first several months. The first 3 months after birth is a very intense period of caregiving, and it is referred to as the fourth trimester. It is a time of healing, tremendous growth, and also a time of transition. Mom and baby begin the process of becoming two distinct individuals.


Let me start with 2 common myths:

1. Newborns sleep all the time." Eat. Poop. Sleep. Repeat!" And mostly they sleep -- right?! Not so fast... they do sleep a lot, but your sweet babe will need to eat every few hours, which means *your* sleep will have to be in spurts. And let's not forget the frequent diaper changes, and yes, even your precious child will cry at times for reasons you can't determine. In short, this is not a job for the weary.

2. New moms are basically on vacation bonding with the new baby. Nope, no way! The last weeks of pregnancy are often fraught with fitful sleep, achy backs and legs, and heartburn. There are also plenty of upper cuts & roundhouse kicks from baby. Labor happens ANYTIME and doesn't pay too much attention to when you are well-rested and have your schedule cleared. Labor itself is exhausting. Delivery literally changes your body. And now you're expected to feed, diaper, and soothe your new baby, and some new moms also host family or visitors (spoiler alert -- they should be cooking and cleaning for you, and not the other way around!). Yes, there’s plenty of snuggling and bonding, but this is certainly not a vacation! You need some help!


Well… not exactly your shoes, but I have been awake at 2am, searching the internet for help with latching my crying baby. I have wondered if I’m doing it ‘all wrong.’ I have felt the heartache of having to go back to work, leaving my one month old to snuggle in someone else’s arms. I have had trouble with a breast pump. I have had a child with a ‘tongue tie’ and not known how to best treat it to improve feeding. I have had back pain and core weakness that made it difficult to get out of bed. The list goes on. I would have loved to have a specialist available to me through the first months after birth. Now, I’m sharing that opportunity with you. You don’t have to do it alone like I did. You can choose to have a family physician (who is a specialist in breastfeeding medicine, and also a fellow mother) walk alongside you as you navigate life with your new baby. Check out a prenatal group class, a one-on-one session, or consider investing in your child’s future with the fourth trimester package.

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  • Breastfeeding Foundations Course
  • Personalized Consult prior to delivery
    • Discuss goals for lactation & infant feeding
    • Plan for transition home from hospital
    • Prepare for the first few weeks
    • Recommendations for chronic health conditions during the early postpartum period

Recommended schedule for infant appointments:

  • Newborn visit
  • Weight check at 6-10 days
  • Well-check at 2 weeks
  • Well-check at 1 month
  • Follow-up at 6 weeks (option to be virtual at mutual discretion)
  • Well-check at 2 months
  • Follow-up “graduation” visit at 3 months

Mom will have her own visit dedicated to her unique health needs at each infant visit.

  • Well-baby care
  • Weight checks
  • Management of jaundice
  • Feeding plan assistance
  • Breastfeeding support at each visit
    • Latch assessment
    • Suck evaluation
  • Sick visits
  • Vaccines*
  • Anticipatory guidance
    • Nutrition
    • Growth & development
    • Safe sleep
    • Bonding with your baby
    • Parenting & more
  • Physical recovery & comfort after birth
  • Mental health & wellness
    • Postpartum depression / anxiety
    • Baby blues
    • Coordinate care with psychiatrist, as needed
    • Body image
  • Lactation support at each visit
    • Direct latching assistance
    • Pumping consultations
  • Pelvic health recovery
    • Incontinence
    • Painful intercourse
  • Family planning*
  • Self-care
    • Sleep
    • Exercise
    • Nutrition, postpartum weight loss
  • Navigating relationships
  • Planning for return to work
  • Partner support – it isn’t easy for them, either!

*Vaccines, medications, and procedural family planning services are not included in the package fee. However, these services are typically included in your health insurance plan. For uninsured patients, low-cost options are offered as available.

  • Majority of appointments will be in the comfort of your home
  • Telehealth appointments available
  • Virtual support via text, email, and phone
    • Daily phone check-in for the first 2 weeks
    • Weekly phone check-in for weeks 3-6
    • Biweekly phone check-in for weeks 6-12
  • Personalized care plans
  • Urgent concerns addressed same day or next day
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Comprehensive postpartum and newborn care for you and your baby! This 3-month package eases the transition of your growing family.


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